Planting mini forests. Everywhere. 

Registered Charity Number: 1194456 

Project: The Grove, Highgate

In February 2021 we started planting our very first mini forest in Camden, London, on a site owned by Thames Water - who have been instrumental in helping our dream become a reality.

After months of extensive preparation and considered design work, it is so exciting to see this little woodland in the ground. 

There was an outpouring of support from local people we spoke to both in the run up to the planting day and on the day itself. 

In our design, careful attention has been paid to the softening of the borders of the proposed forest by planting shrubs that have long flowering periods.  The planting will mould to the shape of the plot with access around to the reservoir tank thanks to wide open corridors around the outside. 

By diversifying the planting types across the site - which previously was largely just grass - we hope to help all sorts of wildlife - from hedgehogs to birds to invertebrates.

About The Grove:  Historical reservoir in Camden originally built in the 19th century and still in use today. The mound covers a body of fresh water that is delivered directly to the homes of people in the surrounding area. Being an active site there have been various considerations and restrictions we have adhered to, but working with Thames water we found a way to plant 700 square meters of dense indigenous trees .


FT Weekend article 

London Mayoral Candidate Sian Berry

Local MP Theresa Villiers

The Grove

The forest in photos

A snapshot of our first few days on site. Lots of lovely well wishers stopped to find out about what we're doing and we gained a number of volunteers and partners for future projects thanks to overwhelming enthusiasm. 

Our Growing Forest

Some pictures of our growing forest

Suitable Sites 

We’re always looking for new sites to plant on 

Thanks to intensive soil preparation, anywhere from an old car park to a neglected corner of a playing field can be a suitable site for one of our forests

If you think you know somewhere suitable and would like to work with us, please get in touch