Planting mini forests. Everywhere. 

Registered Charity Number: 1194456 

Project: Ickleford, Hitchin

This winter (2021/22) we hope to plant our next mini forest on a site in Hitchin. It's a Green Belt area and this is a great opportunity for us to experiment with Miyawaki tree planting on a larger scale. 

The land for this experiment has been lent to us by a friend of Dream for Trees. We're raising funds for this project now, please donate if you can. We are also recruiting volunteers for the prep and planting days, as well as onward maintenance. Please get in touch if you'd like to help in any way. 



Notice for local residents

4,000 trees planned

Staked out plot

Ready for planting

Suitable Sites 

We’re always looking for new sites to plant on 

Thanks to intensive soil preparation, anywhere from an old car park to a neglected corner of a playing field can be a suitable site for one of our forests

If you think you know somewhere suitable and would like to work with us, please get in touch