Planting mini forests. Everywhere. 

Registered Charity Number: 1194456 

How to plant a mini forest

We’re a small group of volunteers who do this for fun. If we can plant a mini forest, anyone can. 

Once you’ve identified a site and have permission from the landowner, these are some steps to follow. 


  1. Prepare the soil. This is essential but means different things for each site so here you’ll need to do your own research too, looking at what the site has been used for in the past, finding a local soil testing company and so on.
  2. Find out what native tree species grow locally to the site
  3. Engage the local community, explaining what you’re planning and thinking of ways to involve them
  4. Make sure you have site access for the first 2-3 years to do routine maintenance and water the trees when necessary 
  5.  Consider ways to monitor plants, soil health and biodiversity on the site and how you can share your learnings with the wider community 
  6. Plan the planting day - where possible get other volunteers involved with the planting 
  7. Plant away!