Mini Forests for Schools

Why a School Mini Forest?

Even the smallest space can be suitable for a mini forest. For schools, it can provide a hands-on learning space, protect students from noise and air pollution and help them develop a love for nature and the knowledge and skills they need to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Is our school suitable?

Apart from a suitable site, we need a good level of communicationcooperation and commitment from schools. The school will have to make sure that a group of volunteers commit to look after the trees, especially during dry weather. 

What we ask from schools:
  • Minimum site size: 
  • Minimum depth of soil: 2 feet
  • Access to a tap and watering the trees in the first two years
  • Protecting the trees if in a vulnerable position (e.g. from heavy footfall or footballs)
No space for a forest?

Rewild another way

Head over to Growing Green and see what other options there are: we can plant orchards, hedges, sow wildflower meadows, build a pond or simply create a wild corner for all creatures.