Planting mini forests. Everywhere. 

Registered Charity Number: 1194456 

Meet the people behind Dream for Trees

We are four people with very different professions. We like to think it's what makes us a good team.

We are always interested in talking to people who want to help us - from planting trees to finding grants and everything in between. 

Ben Cooper QC

Ben is passionate about improving the air quality in the London area and a driving force for Dream for Trees

Tabi Jackson Gee

Tabi is a landscape and garden designer who's work ranges from private gardens to.... urban forests! She also moonlights as a journalist for the FT, The Telegraph, Country Life and few other places.

Nick Moss

Nick is dedicated to educating us all in the process of carbon capture and especially bringing to light actions we can all take to contribute to its reduction in our atmosphere. 

Colin Duggin

Colin is our no nonsense organisational and IT mastermind bringing the local tree and biodiversity community together with compassion,


We are a voluntary organisation and have a small requirement for funds. A new forest can cost circa £7000, much is funded by our partners but equally a small donation is appreciated, we promise to spend it wisely!


Should you wish to donate please use the bank details below:

Dream For Trees
Business Community Current Account
Metro bank
Account number             42169552
Sort code                          23-05-80

Our Partners