Planting mini forests. Everywhere. 

Registered Charity Number: 1194456 

We want to plant mini forests in cities all over the world. 

Our aim is to make green and rich ecosystems in urban places. By inviting nature back into our lives we can make our cities healthier, happier places to live. 

We plant mini forests of our own, and partner with other people to do the same. Get in touch to see how we can work together. 

Why mini forests?

Densely planted mini forests can be grown anywhere, even on a plot the size of a tennis court. 

They grow fast, capturing carbon and creating brilliant habitats for wildlife in a matter of years.



Key Benefits

This way of planting is inspired by the Miyawaki method, and is being trialled across the world. 

So far, there are only a few of these projects Northern Europe -  so data is still being compiled. But early research has suggested that planting three indigenous saplings per square metre has the following benefits: 


More trees planted


More Carbon-dioxide absorption


More Biodiversity making a home in the forest

How it works 

By only using native species, we replicate plant communities found in the wild. With careful species selection and a small amount of early maintenance, these forests are self-sustaining in a matter of years. 

The popularity of this type of planting is growing, and we are just one small part of it. 

We want to hear from you if you're doing something similar - and we will share our trials and tribulations as we go on this exciting green journey.

Of course we need all types of landscapes to help reduce pollution, save our wildlife and slow the effects of climate change. 

Please note: always follow the Royal Botanical Gardens of Kew’s 10 Golden Rules when planting trees.  



In March 2021 our first forest was featured in The Financial Times Weekend House and Home Section. 
Should you wish to donate to offset the carbon from a recent flight please use the bank details below:

Dream For Trees
Business Community Current Account
Metro bank
Account number             42169552
Sort code                          23-05-80



We are a voluntary organisation and are as efficient as we can possibly be - all money we raise is spent on expenses directly related to planting mini forests with a small and tightly controlled administration overhead. 

What does your donation fund? The whips we plant, with biodegradable protections, cost 60pence each. The pre planting preparation and post planting maintenance in the first 2 years of the tree's life adds another 60 pence. 

Donate £12 to cover the costs of seeing 10 trees to the end of year 2.  

Become a corporate sponsor and partner to help make your organisation meet it's carbon targets - please get in touch .

Should you wish to donate please use the bank details below: 

Dream For Trees 
Business Community Current Account 
Metro bank 
Account number    42169552 
Sort code                 23-05-80 

How you can help

Come and Plant

Come to one of our locations and plant a tree. 

Bring an Idea

Bring an idea for your local community and we will try to help. 


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